Delone Arabo FULL testimony…

Delone Arabo FULL testimony…

Hello my name is Delone Arabo, I am a proud Catholic-Christian husband and father of two. I’m going to take you down a long road of my life to tell you my full story. I hope that you see the power and mercy of God in this testimony. I also hope that you will share your encounters with Christ on this page to inspire others by showing His goodness. Please share your encounter on the top right of this website.


Although I had a beautiful upbringing and was a very happy child with loving parents, I never had faith instilled in my life. The only thing I can recall related to the faith from my childhood was when I received my First Holy Communion at the age of 8, which I only received because it was something everyone in our community did, faithful or not. When I watch home videos from my childhood, I can see that I loved the prayers that I learned while preparing for my Holy Communion but the problem was that I never continued going to church or praying after. Up until the age of 15, I remember going to mass on Christmas and Easter only and that was it for our family as far as the faith went. There was no praying, no talk of faith at all at home. The name Jesus or God was never even mentioned.


At the age of 15, I lost a friend of mine who tragically drowned in a lake. I remember, at the time, trying to understand what death really meant. You see someone one day and you never see them again. Where do they even go? Why do they go in these tragic ways? All these questions left me very confused.


A few months later, in the midst of all the confusion, another tragedy happened. One of my closest friends, Timmy, and I were driving to the mall to meet up with some friends. It was only a ten minute ride but I remember the ride like it was just yesterday. We were listening to gangsters paradise by coolio and talking about where we were going to hang out later that night. When we drove over the hill, the cars were backed up by the entrance of the mall and we somehow ended up in oncoming traffic. I remember blacking out for a minute and looking over at Timmy who was just laying there unconscious. There were so many people all around us coming to help. I ended up walking away from that accident with a sore back and knees while my friend Timmy lost his life that day. I was so hurt and extremely angry. How could something like this happen? Why did this happen? Timmy was such a great guy with a big heart. He loved life and made everyone around him happy. How is it fair that he lost his life at 16 in a split second? How was it fair for his friends and family to lose him and be in so much sorrow? How was it fair for his parents to have to bury their child? I told myself during that time that there was no way a good, loving God could exist and allow a tragedy like this to occur. The only conclusion I came to was that there was no God and I was 100% sure of it.  


Over the next 8 years it was one death after another all around me. Two years after Timmy passed, our other dear friend Lance died at the age of 19 from a health condition. In that same year, I lost my aunt, grandma and both grandpas. I even lost a couple of other not so close friends to death all in that same time. All of these deaths just made me more sure that the existence of God was impossible. I would get angry at anyone that even mentioned God to me because I could never allow myself to accept that there was a God in the midst of this darkness. I would have heated vulgar debates with others about Gods existence and the one thing I hated hearing most from people was that all these friends that died were in a better place with God.


During that same time, I surrounded myself with friends that also didn’t care much about their faith. I was living a reckless life filled with partying, sex, drinking, and smoking weed. We would go out every single night, very late, drinking and smoking, even multiple times a day sometimes and my main goal always was to party it up and sleep around with women. I had a false narrative of what a true man was supposed to be based on what society taught and what I saw from other men around me. It was “manly” to sleep around with as many women as I possibly could, it was “manly” to get into fights, it was “manly” to party it up and I fed into it more than anymore.


In my early to mid 20s, after debating so many people on the existence of God, there were a couple of people in my life that actually got through to me about the faith, in small ways. One person was my oldest brother, Avis, who had found Christ in his own life and was profoundly in love with Him. He would leave different things around for me to see or pick up and read. He was never pushy or annoying about it but I remember that he truly wanted me to know who Jesus was and he planted a seed. Another person was a friend named Amal. When I would talk to her about my views about the faith, she would always listen and was never aggressive or judgmental in her responses.  She always had a very soft and loving approach and would remind me how much God loves me just as I am and how He suffered and died for me. Amal was battling cancer and later passed away from the disease. She had such a pure love for God even with everything she was battling. She is loved and missed by many friends and family. Although these couple of examples were filled with love, I was still stuck with my same mindset. I will say that I went from being completely atheist to agnostic, which means I believed in a higher power but I still didn’t really care enough to know who this “God” was.


For the next 5 years or so, I continued in my same lifestyle. In March of 2008 I had my “awakening”. One of my good friends, Chris, was here visiting from San Diego. Chris was a devout Catholic who was at the time learning a lot about his faith and wanted to share his joy with me. At the time, I was living in a house that had a church in my backyard. Obviously, I had never stepped foot into the church. I think it goes without saying that I had never stepped foot into that church. Chris was at my house for a short weekend and while we were out Saturday night, he kept insisting that I go to mass with him the next morning. I continuously refused and laughed at the idea of it. He was leaving the next day and said it would make him happy if I went with him, I finally gave in and decided I’d go.


The next morning, Chris and I went to mass (my first mass in several years). I remember just going through the motions and following what Chris was doing. I was so bored and couldn’t wait to have lunch. Finally, it was time to go up to take the “piece of bread” from the priest. I followed Chris in line and received “bread” that everyone was taking and went back to our pew and got on my knees. I saw Chris close his eyes and begin to pray (something I haven’t done since I was a kid) so I also closed my eyes and all of a sudden my whole body started to shake  and I heard a soft whisper deep within me asking “WHY”. Chris grabbed me and asked if I was ok and I opened my eyes wondering what just happened.


I went home and for 2 hours straight I was staring at a wall asking myself what just happened? How could I explain this in human terms or make any sense of it? I then took this as a sign from something above that I should probably learn more about my faith before I’m so quick to judge it. So I started reading scripture and attending weekly mass and bible studies and asking friends questions. As I started to dive in, I became so hungry for more knowledge and understanding. I started to realize that everything I battled my whole life was actually the biggest and most important truth.


I put a lot of my time and energy into learning more but my lifestyle had not changed drastically. I was taking baby steps with that because as much as Iloved everything I was learning, I didn’t have a deep personal relationship with Jesus yet. So over the next year or 2, it took much prayer, confession, learning etc to be able to transform my life. It all started to change drastically when I asked Jesus to help me with my sinful ways and to create a new heart and spirit within me. I started learning about St. Paul and saw so much resemblance in his conversion to mine. Though I didn’t physically kill, I did a lot of spiritual battle against the Lord and He appeared to me in a similar way and time in life just like St. Paul.


I am not saying that I didn’t sin after that (not saying that AT ALL) but I knew what was right and wrong and the Lord took away most of my mortal sin lifestyle I have been living most of my life. My thirst and hunger for the Lord continued and I found more joy and love in Him by serving others to get to know Him on retreats and programs etc. I want the whole world to know how amazing He is and how life means NOTHING without God in our lives.


Like many of you reading this, I have experienced tremendous loss through the death of loved ones in my life. But by far the hardest for me was when my only sister was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Although she fought it courageously for about a year, on my wife’s birthday, May 7th 2013, her battle ended, and my dear sister Dolores was taken from this world.


Dolores was a loving wife and mother of 3 children, and such an amazing sister to me. But as hard as that time was for me, I realize now that something profound came out of her death. Even though I was and still am very sad about Dolores losing her life at such a young age (36), I realized in those moments of intense grief for my sister, that I was experiencing a sense of peace that I had never felt before. The peace came in knowing without any doubt, that God has a plan and Dolores was part of that plan.


This was so much different than how I felt about the previous losses to death that I had experienced in my life. I miss her like crazy and wish I could see her or talk to her again. The pain still hurts to think about to this day. But her death is a shining example of how far I have come in my trust, faith and relationship with the Lord. You can see the amazing transformation the Lord has done with and through me. As I remember saying to friends at a prayer service we held in her honor, “although I don’t fully grasp suffering, I know who God is and I know that He knows what’s best. That is plenty enough for me.”


In May 2012, God gave me the greatest blessing of my life on a random night out, I ran into my ex-girlfriend that I had not dated in 4 years. When we dated in the past, I was not in the right state of my relationship with God to take anything seriously. We started making small talk and we noticed how our whole conversation revolved around Christ. She had just come back from a retreat that deepened her faith and we were speaking about how awesome God was. I took her number and from that point on, my wife, Larsa has had a HUGE impact on my spiritual life.


We were married Nov 15th 2014 and we have 2 beautiful children, Christian and Aviana. Larsa always helps keep me in line and focused on putting Jesus first in my life. Our relationship and marriage works because we try to keep God at the center of our marriage and ask for Gods guidance in any decisions we make for our marriage or for our children. Larsa helps me see the important things in life and helps me better myself and I thank God everyday for her. I would not be half the man I am without her and God put her in my life at the right time because He knew that I needed her after I found Him. I am so thankful for our amazing children and truly see their innocence and joy as a sign of Christ’s love. Our main prayer in life is that we raise them as strong disciples of Christ and return them to God as innocent and pure as they were when they were given to us.  Thank you Jesus for my amazing family.


Loving The Trinity is the greatest joy of my life!  I pray that everyone encounters Christ and fall deeply in love with Him because nothing brings greater happiness and peace and sense in life. I know now the true meaning of what a “man” should be and I strive daily to be the man that God created me to be. I pray that we all come to know of his awesomeness and live this life to bring Him glory by proclaiming the love of God to all His people. Let us love Him with all our mind, power and soul and pray that we are with Him for eternity.


Christ finds ways to show us his love and mercy to each and every one of us in various ways. I created this site to share my encounter with Jesus and to be inspired by encounters others have had with our Lord and hope that the story of everyone else will inspire you too. Please share any encounters, whether big or small because you never know how it will effect someone else.

So now that you know a little about me, I want to explain why I created this website.

The song above does a great job explaining what it was like when I truly met God. (Listen to the song at the top of this page)




God Bless

-Delone Arabo

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  1. Thanku for such a loving testamoni Delone, I love to hear how Great God is and how he works in our life even though we think he is so far… yet he was and is always with us, working on his purpose in us for his great glory!!! His timing is amazing and always on point. Love this song tooooo!!! The story of hope…. Thanku for sharing your story♡♡♡♡

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