Finding God in every situation…

Finding God in every situation…

An encounter I recently had with Christ tested my faith to the highest limits.
I was accused of breaking up a marriage.

I dated a guy, and it didn’t work out so he moved on and I moved on. When we ended it was just done, no more communication and I was ok with it all. He ended up married, and was onto his new journey with his bride. Well things took a downward spiral real quick. His wife had made up lies using my name through him telling her we dated, and her reading email/text messages etc. So this was her in to use me as her scapegoat. Little did she know, who she was going up against. Little did she know I had the strongest army behind me. With the lies she made up to him about me, he contacted me using the most cruel, untrue, hurtful threats with me. Knowing it wasn’t true I wasn’t worried about the lies as much as I was worried about the damage even a lie can do. I was worried about destroying my life as a disciple of Jesus. As a leader within this community. I contacted a priest to keep someone in the know. I didn’t tell anyone as to not cause attention on myself, nor worry for me. I was mortified, I was embarrassed and I was hurt. I knew my trial had just begun and it wasn’t going away anytime soon. I dove head first straight into the Lords hands, crying at his feet literally and just begging mary to cradle me under her mantle in her arms. From this moment, I instantly felt the hands of Jesus and Mary holding mine. I clung onto them, I felt the softness of them. I felt the protectivness of them, and most importantly I felt the grip of them not letting me go, not even for one second. Through this, I felt the breakthrough of this whole thing. I received anonymous calls daily. I received random calls from 3 or 4 different numbers all the while I did my own investigation and finally making friends with the enemy. I needed to befriend her in order to prove my innocence. This powerful intercession did just this. I was able to do everything necessary to shine light on the dark colors that once followed me and tried to get me into the darkness, but as well all know you can’t dim a bright light.

Yes I was tested, and yes I could have handled this situation in a negative way that would not have been an example of Jesus and Mary but I could never go back to those days. I knew at this point in my life, I had grown so much in faith, I had grown close to the angels and Saint and I know my relationship, my trust and my hope in the Lord was the strongest it has ever been and not any situation in this world would damage what I have tried so hard and building.


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