Lifelong Catholic….

Lifelong Catholic….

I don’t have a conversion story.

No “ah ha” moment in my faith life.

I am a cradle Catholic, born and raised in the faith. I attended Catholic schools my whole life and Sunday Mass was not optional growing up.

The first time I can remember truly recognizing and feeling like Jesus was real was in middle school. My teacher asked us to say the Our Father really slow and to listen to the words as we were saying them. That was the first time I can remember actually praying.

Since then my faith life has been peaks and valleys of highs and lows. The lows have gotten more shallow and the highs are higher each time. Each time I allow things to pull me away from a daily relationship with Him, the return to His love is even greater.

Do you have a friend who you may not talk to often, but when you do it’s like no time has passed? The friend I am referring to has a nickname: Kaepa, which is Aramaic for “Rock” and it’s the word Jesus used when He told Peter He would be the foundation of the church. This person isn’t someone I talk to often, but when we do it all just falls into place. There’s no room for over-sensitivity and we can just be real with each other.

Find the Jesus in your life. He’s everywhere and hes everyone.

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