Rachel’s story…

Rachel’s story…

I grew up as a Chr-Easter catholic. Church was only something that happened twice a year…(Christmas and Easter). As I got older and busier, I didn’t even attend for those. While I still had the basic morals that come along with our culture, There was no doubt that I was headed down a destructive path in life.

Some of my friends were practicing Catholics and it angered me in a sense. I felt like church goers were hypocritical. I started to go to confession from time to time just to challenge the priest in the confessional. I’d bring up my issues with the church and wasn’t getting satisfied by his answers. I would leave feeling more repulsed by the church. I even went on to write a 16 page paper in college about how the legalization of abortion is justified and how Catholics need to “get with the times.”

I attended a retreat called kairos (greek translation: God’s time) when I was 19. God threw me for a ride. I was intrigued by Him in every sense of the word. Those three days ignited a fire inside of me that I’ve never experienced before. I left and bought about 100 books about the faith. Books about the saints and their encounters with God. I don’t know how else to describe the way I felt besides an intense thirst that only Jesus was able to quench. i never knew what I was missing and how badly I needed it. I was at adoration for hours a day, every day. I started taking classes at the seminary. I began a prayer journal. Nothing mattered. Just Jesus.

A few years later I felt a deep void. That God was calling me to something that I wasn’t obeying. I felt dryness but it made me pray harder. Looking back it was one of the most beautiful times in my spiritual life. Anyway, back to the void. Jesus lead me to a missionary calling in Haiti. I experienced Him on deeper level than I ever imagined through those children. I could go on for days about all the ways I encountered Him during that mission trip.

Fast Forward a few years…after endless prayers for my future husband (and writing letters to him, which he got on our wedding day) God lead me to an amazing man who brings me closer to Christ every single day. We have a 7 month old son who I hope turns out just like his dad, a true depiction of St. Joseph. There is something so beautiful about the though of raising a strong, God fearing man.

I pray that the Lord raises you up to have NO boundaries when it comes to Him. To show you that you weren’t made for comfort, you were made for greatness! And that if you be who God made you to be, you’ll set this world on fire!

In Christ,
Rachel Farjo

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